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I am a photographer based near Bangor, Maine who loves to use natural light to create beautiful portraits that feel fresh and joyful.  My style of photography is best described as bright and bold.  I love colorful, vibrant images that really pop!  My favorite images are full of golden sun and genuine emotion!

When I'm not photographing awesome people, I'm soaking up time with my family: my two kids, Mason and Aria; my husband, Adam; a doggo, Piper; and my two kitties, Chase and Zippy.

I love good food, cold drinks, warm weather, and funny TV shows (New Girl and Friends are my all time favs!)

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+ Lazy days with my family.  I love snuggling up on the couch, watching movies, with lots of blankets!

+ Sunsets!  There's something so peaceful about a sunset.  I just love the warm, golden glow!

+ Traveling!  Especially to warm places!

+ My kitties!

Some of my favorite things:

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+ I am married to my childhood crush

+ I am totally Christmas obsessed!  I'm definitely the person with their Christmas lights up on November 1st!

+ I love all things Disney.  Disney World is my favorite place to be! 

+My family travels to Florida every year, and every year I beg my husband to move us there permanently (he loves this part).

Fun facts:

I'm Jessica


This is how your story is told, and these are the moments you'll cherish long after they have passed.

​Being able to provide people with keepsakes that they will cherish for the rest of their lives is truly a blessing.  I love finding creative ways to tell each of my clients' unique stories, and it is such an amazing feeling when couples and families come back to me to capture the different stages of their lives!

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